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Stage 1

It was Diwali time. I had been to Trichy for a week sometime in November 2007, away from our monotonous IT life. I was about to take my GMAT and IELTS exams for my Masters in Australia. “Ganesh have you registered for your exams?” asked my mother, casually. My unpleasant experiences of missing the IIT race during my 12th standard keeps haunting me still and I started talking about it to my mom and how much that was putting brakes on me from registering for the exams. Seriously, I had the fear of “What if I not score sufficiently here too after having done all the hard work?”. My mom, just like any other mother, consoled me and tried her very best to pump-in some confidence and asked me to give it a try and  not to worry about the outcome.

One week went by and so did my conversation with my dear mother. I had to come back to Hyderabad. But the trip to Trichy gave me some confidence and some instinct/consciousness within me told me to go and register for my exams. So I told myself, “OK. Let me give it a try. What’s the big deal. Anyways I am earning now and not troubling my parents though not helping them either. So why not write the exam?”. So I decided to take IELTS exam first. Sometime in December mid 2007, I went and registered with the British council and blocked the date January 12th for my IELTS exam. When I came out of the center I decided, “I will work hard and crack this exam”.

The speed with which I decided to work hard vanished with a greater speed when I returned home. Four weeks time became three and then two and finally just a week left for my exam. I realized, “I have not worked hard. I have hardly worked.”. But somehow this time I did not lose my confidence. I took some practice tests and mentally prepared myself better to crack the IELTS nut.

January 12th came and I had the listening, reading and writing skills tests on that day. I did well in listening and writing and did reasonably well in my reading test. But on the whole it was a decent performance. The next day I was asked to come for completing my speaking test. Talking is something I am good at. This helped me during my speaking test without much of preparation for it. At the end of the test I was informed that I will be receiving my results in 13 working days.

Two weeks went by and I almost forgot that I wrote one test called IELTS. January 27th afternoon it was and I was having my lunch. “You have got a message.”, pinged my mobile. When I looked at it to my surprise I found my IELTS score. At first, I thought I am again a gone case. But then I realized quickly that I have got a sufficient score though not in the ivy league. When I surfed the net I found that my score was something like a 260/265 in Tofel. I spoke to my parents and sister and discussed the scores I got and how to go on from there. I was about to leave for my B1 stamping to Chennai that evening. With the IELTS score coming on that day I decided to temporarily forget it and enjoy my trip to Chennai.

My trip to Chennai was indeed a happy outing. When I came back to Hyderabad, I said to myself that I am going to give it a try and to start applying for a few important colleges alone. I took this decision and temporarily suspended the idea of taking GMAT because I found that GMAT scores are not mandatory for admission in Australia.I was sure that I had a decent profile both on the academic and extra curricular sides with some consistent performances over the years.

When I searched the college websites I understood that you can either apply through online or through authorized agents. The later option impressed me more for two reasons. One, I did not want anyone in my office to know what I am doing and secondly I was lazy to do all this clerical job of filling applications and stuff. So I went and met few agents based on the address given in the college web pages. Global Reach (agent’s name), were the ones who impressed me and I decided to proceed with them.

Interesting, even at this stage I was not at all confident that I will be getting admission from any university. But as days went by and with more discussions with the agents I got a clear picture on how to approach my admission process. With the inferences from our discussions, I shortlisted the colleges and the courses I want to apply for. Parallelly, I was also taking care of the formalities of preparing the needed documents for putting my application.

It was all set. I had decided to apply for seven top universities in OZ. My idea was simple. I wanted to end up with the best. Else there is no point in traveling till Australia for education. But regarding getting the admission, I was prepared to take the risk. That time I came to know few more interesting things like the road shows, limited number of scholarships, etc. Finally, along with my counselor, I decided to attend three universities road shows (interviews with professors of the respective university), two online and two direct application.

March 3rd it was. The professor from Bond University came. There were many students and my turn came. The meeting was one of my memorable and important meetings in my life. I was spot on that day and the professor was very impressed with me.

At the end of the meeting I was given offer along with the Dean’s Scholarship. I couldn’t believe myself. My dream was a kind of fulfilled. Now I can’t lose the race.The very first attempt itself was a success. This only boosted my confidence and I did not look back. At the end of the admission process, I have an admit from all the seven universities I applied for with a range of courses that I can opt from and with most of them offering scholarships.

What is happening here? Most of them who know me well could not believe what I have achieved. Why think of others? I myself could not image what has actually happened. I could not realize that fact that I have been offered admission to learn in universities which are one of the best in the world.

Now hold on. The process is not over. The problem has only got bigger though interesting. Now which university to choose from the seven.

After a good analysis, I decided to go to University of Melbourne. I did so because of the universities’ reputation and the kind of course that was offered. Still the process is not complete. In fact I came understood it was just the beginning. Trust me. We can learn and score marks and even get the required admission. But this admission process sucks.

As we started the offer acceptance process, my parents and me started getting to know that the Australian rules and the difficulties in it. We had to really work hard on many issues and faster too because of the time factor and complete the process successfully. Now I have at last accepted my offer from University of Melbourne and got a confirmation on my enrollment from the university people. I have currently lodged my Visa and hoping that the final leg of the race will go smoothly, I am keeping my fingers crossed to fly sometime in July.With this now I am in the fag-end of what has been an interesting, monotonous, difficult, tiresome, memorable and yet successful journey to the OZ.