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Being greed is good or bad?

Being greed - good or bad?
India is a land where people are known to possess good virtues, though my statement can raise many debatable questions after the recent terror attacks.  People must realize the importance of the reason for which they want to be greedy.
Being greedy for getting a chocolate? for getting an admission? for getting a promotion? One can never comment on the reason as every individual is different and have their own importance in their lives. What appears important to one may appear to be less important to another. Hence its only right on our part to respect others view whether you like it or not.
But one thing which everyone must ensure is that one must not hamper someone’s growth to aid their own growth. For people who want to act the other way, greed is too little a word to term them.
According to the famous Charles Darwin theory, only the fittest survive. So people are sort of forced to be greedy in todays’ mechanized world just to save their own skin. But that does mean that they are bad. Afterall personal and professional ethics never go hand in hand. Hence if being greedy,whether its good or bad, is the need of the hour then why not be?