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Stage 2

“What it has been a successful journey?”, guess I was very hasty to end Stage 1 of my trip to the OZ land.

05062008212It was June 13th 2008, my farewell day at Wipro. Thinking back the conversation I had with Radhika, my first ever Project Manager. I told her, “When I leave Wipro for my higher studies, if at least 50% of people whom I had the opportunity to know here, genuinely miss me then I think I have done a decent job.” Without any fuss, Radhika replied saying “Not a decent job Ganesh, a fantastic job. You have really done a great job. All the best for your future.”. That sums about my performances when with Wipro. I can confidently say that I came out of Wipro with my head held high and the Encore award that Mr.Prasath, my Project Manager at Wipro presented me on my farewell day just complements my performances.

DSC00201 Without any doubt in my mind, I can say that my two years stay at Hyderabad was one of the best periods in my life. I grew both personally and professionally.  On one hand, I knew I was going to miss friends and roomies, my job, the Hyderabad city and what not. On the other hand, I was really excited and looking forward to go to the great OZ land for my higher studies.

I had about five weeks, from the day I left Wipro to the date I have to leave India. During that period I just wanted to relax and get ready to go to the OZ world. But more than that, Appa’s sixtieth birthday came which is a grand occasion in our Brahmin custom. With few select friends and relative, the function really was a grand success and a memorable one. The function also turned out a good time for me to catch up with my sister, brother-in-law and other relatives before leaving India.20062008239

Meanwhile my preparations were simultaneously taking place. I found some travel agent to get me a ticket to travel to Melbourne. “Tring, Tring”, buzzed my cell. When I answered the call I found out that it was from the travel agent and that I have been booked a ticket in the Malaysian airlines on 16th of July to Melbourne. I had my orientation day on the 19th of July. So the booking date was perfect. Jet lag was never going to be an issue as the time difference between India and Australia is just around five hours.

Finally, everything was set for the take off to Australia and my preparations were complete. Tickets, visa, and luggages were all packed. My parents had booked a car to travel to Chennai to leave me at the Airport. As planned we left to Chennai on the 16th morning. We reached the Chennai BHEL guest house at around 3PM, comfortably about four hours before my check-in time at the airport.

This was going to be my first international trip. So I was getting naturally excited. “Six O’clock” buzzed my watch’s alarm. My parents and myself left the guest house to the airport. After some series of sentimental discussions I entered the airport with Arjun, who incidentally was also travelling to Melbourne to join the same university and course.

airline_information-malaysia_airlines Whenever I do anything, I like to do them perfectly. I had weighed my luggages before I left Trichy and so I did not have any problem while checking-in. When the formalities were all done I was handed the boarding pass. After that I met my parents again to say the final goodbyes. When I proceeded through the immigration check I had some issues for I had an e-Visa, something which had been introduced very recently and the great people in the immigration office were not aware of that. I was at last given the clearance but I had little idea that more unexpected things were to follow. As I was coming near the security check, the final step before boarding, I was informed that my flight has been cancelled and we( all the passengers) have been arranged accommodation in Accord, a five star hotel in Chennai and in the same flight we will be travelling the next day.

On hearing that announcement, I actually did not understand what was happening and I thought all my dreams were shattered.  But I  picked up myself as quickly as possible trying to understand the reality. My parents meanwhile have already left to the guest house. So I decided to not to disturb them and left to the hotel. I had a great buffet dinner and went to my room. I later called my parent using the hotel phone and explained the anti-climax. My parents told me to not to worry and that they will come and meet me before they leave to Trichy the next day.

As discussed, the next morning i.e. 17th July, my parents came to the hotel to meet me. After a good discussion they blessed me and left to Trichy. I spent the rest of the day in the hotel room before getting ready to leave to Australia again 🙂 . This time however everything went on perfectly. Though I had to repeat the complete process again, there was no confusion the second time. The boarding call was announced and I finally boarded the Malaysian airlines with great hopes of succeeding in Australia.