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I love Virender Sehwag more for his childish yet meaningful tweets !

sehwag-odi With FIFA World Cup fever affecting 99.9% of the world’s population, I am happy to be part of the handful who is not affected by the FIFA fever. Even in this soccer season I watch cricket and closely follow cricketer’s tweets. Virender Sehwag, the most destructive batsmen of the last decade and a genius, for boundary hitting need not be introduced to the world.

Sehwag grew up, like many others from his generation, wanting to be Sachin Tendulkar and the great Sachin himself has already acknowledged Sehwag as the batsmen who comes or bats closest to him. Of late, I have developed a peculiar interest for the childish tweets’ that Sehwag tweets from his Black Berry.

Albeit most of his tweets are philosophical, they are original and really meaningful. My favourite from his tweets so far is, “To become successful in life,one should have 3 factories. 1.Ice factory in Brain 2.Sugar factory in Tongue 3.Steel factory in Heart.” I personally feel that Sehwag as a person really justifies all his tweets, particularly my favourite one. IN19_SEHWAG_18581f

A starry-eyed youngster from Najafgarh and now a father of two boys, Sehwag is always cool as a cucumber. This is a clear indication of the Ice factory he has in his Brains. Sehwag’s uncomplicated approach in his life also contributes to his batting approach i.e. scoring as many runs as quickly as possible.

The remarkable aspect of Sehwag is that he is equally refreshing off the field and shares his views in an endearingly direct and candid manner, a rare trait among contemporary cricketers. He is, in every sense, a true original showing the Sugar factory he has in his tongue.

Finally, what appears risky to many, is merely an opportunity for him,  indicating the Steel factory he has in his Heart. There are very few batsmen in world’s cricket who can exhibit some spectacular assaults against the world’s leading bowler’s as he has, consistently.

Sehwag, hence in my view, certainly epitomises not just the brand of batsmanship but also the mix of the three factories that he has mentioned in his tweet.