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My “Pilonidal Sinus” problem

October 17th, 2010, it was. “Appa! Can you please do me a favour?”, I asked my dad. “What” asked my father back. “Please, get an appointment with Mr.Ramamurthy (our family doctor) tomorrow itself. I am not able to bear the pain. Can’t wait till my uncle leaves”. My uncle was to come the next day with his wife.“OK” said my dad and got an appointment fixed.

In came the Rockfort express from Chennai at the Trichy railway junction. “Tring! Tring!”, buzzed my cell. “Appa calling”, I saw on my mobile. “Hello”, I answered. Got to know from the dad that my uncle was coming in coach H1 and not in coach A1. “Thank God. At least they are clear now”, I replied and hung the phone. Out came from coach H1 my uncle and aunt from the United States of America (USA). I was meeting them after 13 years.

“Welcome! Welcome!”, my mother welcomed our guests from the dream world to many in India as we entered our house. I have always wondered what people actually miss in India and find what they miss when they go abroad particularly USA. As I almost forgot my appointment busy talking about unimportant stuff with our guests, I at last decided to leave and meet the doctor. vacuum-fig1

I reached the BHEL hospital with great difficultly. I say difficulty because travelling in a Tanjore bus with an intention of getting down at  BHEL itself is an experience. “Sorry doctor. I’m late.”, I started the conversation. I obviously told the doctor about my problem and the pain that I was experiencing. But even before I met the doctor, I had done some research about my suspected problem called “Pilonidal Sinus”. Thanks to the digital age’s revolutionary tool Internet.

Hesitantly, I asked the doctor after he completed his inspection of my cyst like wound in my lower back, “Could my problem be Pilonidal Sinus?”. Mr.Ramamurthy replied saying in a typical doctor’s way that “Could be. But I doubt if it is since you say you have acute pain in that region.”. He then added saying that he would refer to a surgeon (Mr.Ramalingeswara Rao) to get the wound checked. 

“Come in Ganesh” called the surgeon into the Minor Operation theatre. With little fear in my mind, I entered the theatre. “Please lie on your belly.”, ordered the surgeon. I did everything as instructed and surgeon with few express questions confirmed that I had the problem of “Pilonidal Sinus” and that I need to have a surgery ASAP to get the problem cured. Worse he also added that the percentage of reoccurrence for this problem was high even with surgery. “F!@# man”,I said to myself.

The surgeon did stop with that. He also told me that the surgery is very minor but the recouping time is about two months as a excision will be made and that portion of my body will not be stitched. So the entire recouping time is the time for the flesh to grow by itself. So it is only the patient (yours truly) who have to be patient.

But having done some research myself about the suspected problem, I was not totally shell shocked. But to get my pain relieved temporarily, the doctor had removed about 10cc of puss from that cyst portion which almost killed me that day. With a local anaesthesia given to remove the puss, I could not move freely subsequently. Thanks to my dad’s ex-post, I called for a car to drop me back at my home.

On October 23rd, 2010, I had my “Pilonidal Sinus” operation done. It been almost a month now. I have recovered about 85%. Still another month to go, for me to get back to my normalcy. But I am confident that I will be fitter and ready both physically and mentally to face my life going forward after a small setback.