Monthly Archives: December 2010

I am not defeated….

People say Heroes are a breed apart.

They defy the given. They challenge the equilibrium. They subvert the paradigm.

If success comes only with experience, then how could a 16yr old (Sachin Tendulkar) rock the cricket world with his bat?

If only those with family money ever become rich, then how could Dhirubhai Ambani, from gas station attendant go on to head India’s largest business house?

If people should retire at 60, then how was Amitabh Bachchan voted the youth icon at 60?

If one has to get an education to go places in the corporate world then why did Bill Gates drop out of Stanford?

Heroes chart new paths and it is for others to follow.

But sometimes, even heroes run into troubled waters.

The bottom-line is that, heroes only lose but are never defeated. They always fight back.

When the going gets tough, only the tough gets going.

It is true that 2010 was a forgettable year for me.

But the reality is that I have lost only one year in my life.

I am certainly not defeated in my life.

I always believe that I can become a hero and I will one day, before I die.