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Kolaveri Song – Very original. Very Authentic.

Sairam, my old mate from RSK, had posted a message in his Facebook wall which read like this. “Kolaveri Song. Very original. Very Authentic.”

I could not agree more to his view and immediately gave a Like message which I seldom use in my Facebook account.

Speaking, of Dhanush, there is always some X-factor about him and his acting. He may not have the acting skills of Surya, mass following of Vijay, talent like say Ajit or Vikram but there is this X-factor which pulls Dhanush to the audiences. It is no wonder that he was chosen for a National Award for his movie Aadukalam.

The promos that channels like NDTV and IBN have already started giving for this Kolaveri song in simply mind-boggling. 40 million+ hits in YouTube and still counting, the song just cannot be SHIT.

Yes! I have heard it too. It is very very original. It is very very authentic.

The best part about this song is that it’s written in Tonglish (Tamil + English) albeit people hear as if it is sung fully/mostly in English. Furthermore, the lyrics, just connects to youth so much that it immediately creates a “Feel Good” factor inside the listener.

In a nutshell, the song is just Out-of-the-Box. I just hope that when they choreograph the song they don’t mess it up and goof totally.