I wish I had replied

It is true that you sometime win an argument but lose a relationship.

But when you are forced into an argument then its perfectly fine to lose a relationship as a consequence of the argument.

I have always wondered what people gain by trying to know about others status in life.

Why compare your life with others?

May be people want to show off their superiority.

In today’s materialistic world, I don’t think people are concerned about others progress.

People are only curious to know others’ progress.

Do people have any idea or even think for a second what others have been through in their lives?

It is always tougher to experience than to comment.

Few days back I had received an email from one of my aunt, which forced me to write this blog.

The email had no substance expect for one line where she had mentioned that she has plenty of time at her disposal.

But the main idea behind writing an email was to know if I had taken any assignment after moving to Singapore.

I wanted to send a nasty reply but curbed my instincts for I have always been taught to respect elders if not for what they are but at least for their age.

Now I wish I had replied to my aunt’s email for she sent a couple of more emails as follow-ups to my sister and parents with the same intent of knowing my position in Singapore diplomatically since she had not received a reply from me.

I am glad that my parents and sister came to my defence and sent an appropriate reply.

But I promise that next time I will not curb my instincts.

One response to “I wish I had replied

  1. I like this post, enjoyed this one appreciate it for posting .

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