Monthly Archives: March 2012

From being recruited to recruiting other?

It hard for me to imagine what I was doing two weeks back and what I am doing now.

Yes! I am doing a Business Development role but in a Staffing and Recruiting industry.

It is fair to say that I am still finding my feet in this job.

But last evening I was excellently mentored by my BOSS; yet it also turned out to be emotional.

Just like how Sachin felt of getting reduced by at least 50 kilos after scoring his 100th 100, I too felt greatly relieved for some reason.

Yeah! I got a job last month. But I neither felt very happy nor was I disappointed.

The meeting surely helped me personally and hopefully will professionally.

During the meeting my BOSS spoke about few things (nothing personal) which kind of kindled my emotions.

I am glad that I did not break before him and could compose myself professionally.

But being an aspiring young human, I could not control my emotions for long.

Yes! I wept for about two hours without knowing why.

Thankfully, it was after reaching my house.

With lot of cluttered thoughts coming and going into my mind, I was checking Facebook and happened to see a quote posted by my friend.

The quote read “People cry not because they are weak; but because they have been strong for too long”.

I just felt that God wanted me to see that quote and possibly reflect a bit on it.

It is hard to imagine and explain the tough phase I went through.

Perhaps, I cried because I was trying to be strong throughout and last evening I reached my threshold.

After that realization, I woke up today with a clear head and with plenty of hopes and prayers that it will be an unbelievable waxing period in my life.