Amber’s B’day Bash 2012

Scene 1:

I dialled 97673735. The call was received by none other than The Man! The Machine! The Fire!!

It was Amber’s birthday and I had called to wish him.

“Hello” answered Amber in a typical OZ accent and I wished him “Happy Birthday”.

Amber then checked with me my program for that evening for a treat.

I replied without any hesitation ,“I am game for a treat. Just let me know when and where it is?”.

Scene 2:

I was at work when I received an email in my Gmail ID from Amber looping few of our MBIT and Singapore friends for his birthday treat that evening.

As usual there was a huge email discussion to decide the place and the time to meet.

And as always, it got to a point when the host had to step up and freeze a decision.

So, finally, a German restaurant was chosen for obvious reasons and it was decided  that we all meet at 7.30pm near City Hall MRT.

Scene 3:

“Bijaya (my office colleague), where can we get birthday cards in Singapore?“, I inquired.

“Try Precious Thots, it’s a good place to get cards”, replied Bijaya.

I then checked Google to find the nearest Precious Thots shop to get a card for Amber.

I found out that there was a shop on the way near Raffles MRT and I managed to get a precious birthday card Smile.

Scene 4:

As decided earlier in the day, everyone gathered at 7.30pm near City Hall MRT for the treat.

But when we reached the German restaurant we found that it was fully crowded and that it will take at least an hour for us to get a place.

This forced us to revise our decision and we all decided to go to a nearby Spanish restaurant.

The treat started with some lovely Nachos for Starters followed by the Main Course and finished with the cake cutting ceremony for the Dessert.

Before we left, we all wished Amber again for a great life ahead and left the place taking some snaps for memories.


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