About Me


I call myself “Az(s)lan” (Turkish equivalent of Lion) for I am a Leo

I am a fun loving simple guy with a concoction of assorted interests

I am ever busy watching cricket

I consider Sachin Tendulkar as my idol

I always give the impression of being garrulous

I love to talk about anything under the sun

I am always at my witty best

I love to make friends

I take utmost care to maintain my friendship

I like only lively atmospheres

I adore intelligent and happy-go-lucky people

I love Koundamani and Vadivelu Tamil jokes

I am a Tamil retro aficionado

I love to watch non-stop entertainment movies

I am perennially hungry for chocolates

I love sexy and hulk cars

I adore sleek and fast gadgets

I hardly read books

I am deeply affected by the technological paradigm shift

I depend on Google a lot

I am fond of travelling

I wish to write and publish a best-seller someday

I was born on the same date and month as Barack Obama