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Back your team when the chips are down

From ‘Captain Cool’ to ‘Captain Clueless’. This is the most ridiculous piece that I have come across and it spurred me to defend my Team India albeit express my disappointments too with their performances in the first two tests against the Aussies.

I wonder how people always join the party when the team is winning and stay as away as possible and keep bitching your own people when things go wrong.

By personally experiencing a personal trauma and an unexplainable need for moral support, I really pity and sympathize our Indian cricketers.

What is wrong in taking a break when things are going wrong?

What wrong have our Indian cricketers done by going for Karting after two defeats against a resurgent Aussie side?

Afterall, are they not humans?

As Dhoni rightly mentioned in the 2nd match’s post-match press conference, it is definitely necessary to switch on and off between your work.

Here, it is important to appreciate the Chief Selector, Mr.Srikkanth, who has not only backed Dhoni and Team India albeit expressing his disappointment, but he has also gone to the extent and stated that “All the International Cricketers know their responsibilities”.

It is very sad that when experts like Mr.Gavaskar, speak against Team India publically. I sincerely felt that Mr.Gavaskar’s comments of criticizing the Indian cricketers by questioning their attitude of side seeing instead of practising when on tour is unpardonable.

Just for your information Mr.Gavaskar, India has never won an Australian tour during your time and also this team has accepted that they have not done well and are disappointed with their own performances.

Having said that, the Indians lost some good leads in both the matches. They definitely lost a chance to win in Melbourne and could have saved the Test match in Sydney.

As a true Indian cricket supporter, I wish and pray that the Indians hit the Aussies back with a bang, in the next two matches and square the series 2-2 in style.

By doing so it will not only make the true supporters like myself happy, but also prove many so called Experts wrong.