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Don’t take them for granted

I came across a website (http://indianbloggers.org/) that lists India’s best bloggers. As I was surfing the various blogger’s webpages, I read a statement from a blogger’s website who happens to be a review writer.

The statement read “Friends come & go, relationships thrive & sometimes just exist but there will always be some people in your life who are very important in your life so HOLD ON TO THEM & most importantly don’t take them for granted.”

This is probably the most strongest and meaningful statement that I have come across in the recent times which is not a quotation and very original.

If everyone reflect on this particular statement, we just cannot agree more to it.

We are in the Digital Age and the present generation hardly knows the essence people can bring to a person’s life.

I just wonder if writing on the walls of Facebook’s or sending emails through Gmail’s or getting advice from professionals through LinkedIn’s would be the same as some wise inputs given from first-hand experience from aged people who stay with you or with whom you get along.

Such people can be your family, your friends, your colleagues, your mentors or anyone for that matter.

But with time and as you start interacting more, one probably gets to a stage where one feels that the associations made are of no use.

People, like passing clouds, just come and go and rightly, sometimes just exist.

It is us and only us who need to take care of ourselves.

But in the path of the journey in our lives we definitely meet some people who just are like our God-Fathers.

Those are the ones to whom we should look up to in our lives.

And as rightly mentioned, one has to hold on to them and most importantly not take them for granted.

In the last two years, the number of people whom I have met seeking for help to bail me out of my present problem in life is simply staggering.

I have realized that, even if people desire to help you, they just cannot and unless if somebody can provide solutions to problems, what is the point of simply interacting with people?

My problem still remains an unsolved puzzle for me and am dying to meet my God-Father, who can help and bail me out of my crisis albeit I realize that I am that God-Father to myself.