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The Job Fair Googly

SCENE 1: At Trichy

“Ammmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”, as Gowri Shankar, my dear friend says, I thought in my mind but in reality I shouted at my mother that the entire Karumandapam lane could hear.

“Enna da aachu”, my annoyed mother continued to reply “I am only here. Why are you shouting unnecessarily?”. (May be my mom was worried about the aged inniko naalaiko parties in my street Smile )

I started talking to my mother “Trichy is boring ma. I am not sure when I will find a job. There is a job fair going to happen in Delhi in three days time. Albeit there is no job of my interest, I will still go and attend it, for it will give me a break from Trichy and who knows may be I might get a job. If not I can at least enjoy Delhi for a couple of weeks and come back.”

As my mother was hearing me talking, she gave a sarcastic smile and nodded her head for I believe she did not want to disappoint her son at the same time was not sure if I would end up with a job the main purpose of the Delhi’s visit.

SCENE 2: At Delhi

“Welcome to Indira Ghandhi airport. The temperature outside is 34 degree centigrade.” announced the old and dull looking air hostess of the Indian Airlines flight although I must admit the food was good. Outside the airport my brother-in-law was waiting to receive me.

“Hi Ganesh.” signalled my athimber. “Hello” I responded back. As we started exchanging pleasantries, I loaded my luggage in his Maruti 800 and off we left to his house.

“Ammu. Anga paaru …..Terror Mama”, shouted my sister to her two year old daughter as she noticed my brother-in-law and myself reaching their place.

SCENE 3: Job Fair

“Get down at Rajiv Chowk and take the Blue line. There take the train towards Anand Vihar and get down at the third stop.”, instructed my athimber as both of us left together, him to his office and me for trying my luck at the job fair.

“Sir, How to go to Prakrithi Maidhan?”, I questioned a guard outside the third stop where I was instructed to get down.

“Just take left and walk about a few hundred meters and you’ll find it.”, replied the old man wearing a cylindrical glass with a huge lathi in his hand.

“Thanks”, I said and started walking towards the maidhan.

Like me, there were several students coming and walking along. One need not be an Einstein to figure why so many were there that day. As I joined the other group of students of various age groups (OK I was older than many present there Winking smile), I took the entry ticket as if I am going to watch a movie on its first day release.

“OK, you can get inside.” said a volunteer as I proceed through the main gate where I was astound to see fleets of students and company representatives being present. 

For some reason, I told myself that, I should make the day count and started going through the broachers and stalls of the various companies present there.

SCENE 4: vCustomer STALL

“Hi”, greeted a senior HR from vCustomer, a reputed BPO. “Hello”, I replied and gave a small intro on what I was looking for and why I was there.

The HR immediately gave a big smile back as if he has seen the best candidate at least on that day and said, “We have a Sales and Marketing department with Google for we are their channel partners for Google’s Adwords product. We are looking to hire people for tele-sales role. I think your profile would suit us. Would you be game?”

For a moment on hearing what the HR offered, everything appeared settled in life in my mind that I am the Manager there in the office and I am hiring someone. Then I quickly composed myself and gave a quick pronto YES to him.

The HR then quickly put me to the right channels where I had four rounds of interview (two with Google) and had the letter of intend for Google printed and given to me right at my hand.

As I received the letter, I pinched myself to realize what has just happened.

I then called my parents, sister and brother-in-law and conveyed what had happened and that I was given an offer in the first one hour of me coming to the job fair and that I would be working with the channel partner of Google India.

Yes….. if I look back I was expecting a leg break from the job fair and it turned out to be a googly and needles to say that I was out. But this was one dismissal I would not regret.