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My trip to Kuala Lumpur

As an international  business student it is very essential for me to learn and understand the different global cultures. The Global Business Practicum (GBP) program during my Masters gave me the perfect opportunity for what I was looking for. The experience was indeed a memorable one. I had vast networking opportunities and it was very interesting to meet new people from diverse background and know more about their professional lives and social culture.

Malaysia, the country I was assigned to go for the practicum, is a land of 13 states in Southeast Asia with its capital city as Kuala Lumpur. When I got there I immediately understood that Malaysia is very rich in culture and tradition. Malaysia is often referred to as a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multilingual society. Albeit the country has people from different countries, Malays form the majority of the population of Malaysia. The Malay is the official language and Islam is their main religion.

The trip to Malacca, known as the Historical State of Malaysia, enabled me to know more about the Malaysian history and the value of the rich heritage Malaysia possesses. The Malaysian cuisine was another interesting aspect that reflected the multi-ethnic aspects of Malaysia. Though Malaysia has their own dishes many of their dishes are derived from multiple ethnic influences like India, China, and Thai.

To perfectly complement the country I travelled to, there was a very able group of twenty talented students who were all from different educational and cultural backgrounds and countries. To know everyone of them well and make friendship was itself a special experience. The group mix enabled me to participate in some extraordinary adventures like going to the famous PETRONAS twin tower sky bridge, KL Tower,Pavilion Mall and Batu Caves. To add to this I could pick new linguistic skills which I am sure can used in some of the magnificent cities that I may travel in the future.

A four star hotel, Impiana, was arranged for our stay. The location of the hotel was so strategically perfect that from my hotel room I could see both the KL and the PETRONAS towers. The Pavilion mall was at a walking distance and what not. The daily free breakfast provided in the hotel was amazing. To add to the excitement, my roommate was my best friend, Amber Jain. Both of us made sure that we enjoyed the stay to the maximum possible extent without forgetting the main purpose for which we went to Malaysia.

GHD, an international professional services company, was where I did my project. A team of four (3 Chinese girls and myself :-;) was assigned a business development project. The experience that the people working in GHD shared with my team was incomparable. The management in GHD Malaysia was very friendly at the same time very professional too.

My time in Malaysia is surely something that I will cherish for a long time in my life. I still keep talking about my wonderful experiences in Malaysia with my close friends. Working closely with unfamiliar people in unfamiliar surroundings is perhaps something that I may not experience for the rest of my life. The global exposure that the country gave me though it was for just two weeks was simply remarkable.