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It was…..but enough to kill….

Two Parathas and a bowl full of Dhal were just in front of my eyes.

But I was finding it difficult to eat after the brief yet powerful conversation with the Parathawala, whom I call ‘Anna’, while getting my lunch.

The conversation’s pain was suffocating my throat to swallow the Paratha piece soaked in the ghee dhal and diluting all the gastric juices to fade away my hunger.

The Anna knows me well (vice versa) and the reason of me being in Singapore, for I almost have my every meal in his shop.

“enna…. vela kedaichacha?” was all that he asked me.

In fact, it was more of a gentle inquiry, out of concern for me. I must say that he did not have the slightest intention of offending me in anyways.

The moment he asked that question it really irked me a lot.

But I composed myself and answered him some nonsense which was just an indication of my cluttered mind.

It was needless to say that I did not answer to his question or at least precisely.

I told him that this was a holiday season and it might take some more time for me to get a job.

Albeit my reply was factual, what matters in life even though  I am a scholarship graduate but not good enough to earn a single penny?

With so many such thought provoking questions in my mind, I ate the parathas and dhal with so much of difficulty for it was bought with my dad’s hard earned money and also I have been thought to not to waste food for it is considered to be a sin.

Yeah! It was only a question but enough to kill my mood and irk me a lot.