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‘Captain cool’ MS Dhoni

CSK-vs-KXIP-IPL3-Photos A team is a reflection of its captain’s attitude. A good example for how teams react to their captain’s attitude would be the first semi-finals between the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and the Bangalore Royal Challengers (BRC) in the Airtel Champions League (ACL) at Durban on Friday.

CSK always looks energetic, happier and most importantly super cool on the field, just like MS Dhoni. One can never see Dhoni showing faces, or screaming at his players no matter what happens.

Kumble, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of Dhoni. He is damn irritated at all occasions, he screams at his players even on a slightest misfield, and the whole team always looks highly pressurized no matter what the situation is. I am a big fan of Kumble’s bowling, but not for his captaincy.

The world cricket needs more captains like Dhoni. But unfortunately there is only one of his kind. No wonder CSK always makes it to the last phase of every tournament they play. CSKJ PR 2

In the last four major tournaments that CSK has represented (3 IPLs + 1 CL), CSK has made it to the semi-finals every time, qualified for the finals three times (2 IPLs + 1 CL), emerged as winner once (IPL 2010) and have the chance of increasing its winning record to two (possibly ACL 2010).

CSK is a very admirable team with an excellent and talented combination of overseas and local players. To add to it, CSK has great supporting staffs too. It is really unfortunate that this team will be dismantled after the ACL finals.

If CSK lifts the ACL trophy it would be the perfect finish to this united and consistently performing CSK team. Well done Dhoni and CSK. Hope you and your team get the icing in the cake with a victory over the Warriors.