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I should stop cribbing!

Today is Chinese New Year’s day!

There was hardly a shop opened in the Yishun market, the place where I live. The reasons were obvious.

But still there were about five-six shops opened (I guess shops mostly run by other countrymen) trying their luck even on this public holiday.

Thank God! One of the five shops was my eat-out, the place where I have my every meal in a day.

It was two dosas with chutney and sambar along with an ice-cold water chestnut drink for my supper.

As I was busy drinking the chestnut, I saw one of the anna’s of the dhaba pulling a bucket full of unwashed plates for washing.

For some strange reason, seeing the anna pulling the bucket, stung me and made me to ponder about LIFE.

I started wondering how some people suffer more yet they do not crib while here I am jobless (painfully though) doing the exact opposite?

Are my problems unsolvable? Are my problems everlasting? Definitely not.

Yes! My last three years have been stressful.

Yes! My past hurts me every time I think about it.

But the way I see it, I can either run from it or learn from it.

So what am I going to do? How to look forward?  Am I what I was used to be?

I genuinely feel that I am more than what I am today.

I definitely deserve a better place in the circle of life.

If I look inside myself, given a chance, I am confident that  I can turn things around, may be  slowly but surely. 

But I need that chance to prove myself (again) and make my life more meaningful.

Hope that the Almighty is considerate enough to give me that once in a life time opportunity.

If he does, I promise that I will make that chance count.

Yesterday, I was hearing Opera Winfrey talking to the NDTV. She mentioned the powerful connection she had with God during her childhood when she had to fight against so many issues in her life which later on helped her to become the person she has, achieving so many phenomenal things.

Similarly, I am signing off this blog, hoping that the last three years were a platform set by God himself for me to understand the true essence of life so that I can remain more balanced and probably more successful for the rest of my life.