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Did I meet my God-father today?

Well, I have not hidden any secrets that I am frustrated and irritated for sometime now and have even openly admitted in my earlier blogs that I am longing to meet my God-father who can bail me out of my current problem in my life.

It was 9.45am and I was coming back from a heavy breakfast. My mobile buzzed and I answered “Hello”.

“Am I speaking to Ganesh” inquired a manly voice from the other side.

“Yes” I replied and continued the conversation.

To my surprise, it was a call from a person by the name Kumar who works in the IT industry for about two decades now.

Incidentally, he has received my resume many times through several channels that perhaps he was forced to call me this time.

Having said that I must thank Mr.Karthik from ESPNStar whom I got to know recently, the main reason behind the current call from Mr.Kumar.

Mr.Kumar continued the dialogue, “I would like to meet you today. Would it be possible for you to come to my office”.

I obviously did not have to think twice to say “Yes” and I instantly said the same and asked for the details of when and where to meet him.

“At 12.00PM in my office and I will email you my office address”, Mr.Kumar said.

“Thank you Sir. Would meet you positively in a couple of hours. And thank you for calling”, I said and ended the call.

And as discussed I went to the mentioned address well before the specified time. Not intentionally, thanks to the Singapore MRT system I can reach destinations on or well before my scheduled time.

In his office we went inside a meeting hall where we discussed everything under the sky basically exchanging what I can offer his organization and vice versa.

At the end of the conversation for some reason I had a SENSE OF RELIEF.

I really felt that I had spoken to a person who knew about IT industry and most importantly can evaluate people based on what they have done in the opportunities that they have got and not based on opportunities that have eluded them.

I have never felt like that after any of my interviews so far in my career, in fact, even after my successful first ever interview with Wipro.

Albeit the decision of me joining the company will be taken only when the company ‘s Director returns from his onsite trip, I can confidently say that for the first time in two years things are looking ominous and this feeling is sufficient for me to complete the week in good spirits or at least till I get to know the results from Mr.Kumar.

I hope that this sense of relief stays longer with Mr.Kumar doing something which I thought will never happen in my life anymore, “Send the offer letter”.