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On what should I write my today’s blog?

I got up from the bed today with a genuine intent to write a nice blog.

But I just could not identify a topic to blog.

So I started to ponder on what should I write about.

Should I write about the Google latest launch ‘Schemer’?

Or should I write about Nokia’s Windows based Lumina phone launch?

Or should I write about the much awaited Sachin’s 100th International Century?

Or should I write a review about the Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol movie?

Or should I write about the lovely Lindt chocolates since Christmas is fast approaching?

Or should I write about the sexy Audi R8 that I would buy someday?

Or should I continue to write more about my present boring life?

As the topics kept flowing, it stuck my dumb mind that WRITING is an art which is not done with any predetermined notions.

Although, it would be great to have a sequence of facts on what to write, it is best that the writer does not plan anything before the author actually pens his thoughts.

It is true that, all of a sudden, I am developing a great interest towards WRITING in general.

Few even say that I have a flair for writing and that I should polish my writing skill in order to pen better articles/blogs.

On that note, I will sign-off this blog without writing anything concrete but with a hope that one day in this life I will publish a book which will be a Bestseller.