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Machaan Saachu puttaaga da !!!

It was Thiruvaatharai day. By trying to keep a blank mind, I was reciting Rudhram while I was on my way to our family friend’s place in Jurong West.

“You have reached Yew Tee”, announced the recorded voice in the Singapore MRT and I was about to complete the 8th anuvaakkam of the Rudhram .

The jerk of the train that was about to start from the station woke me from my meditating state and I happened to see a girl who I believe must be in her early or mid twenties.

Frankly, I have never seen such a naturally beautiful girl in my life and certainly in the near past.

Suddenly, Harris Jeyaraj’s Poopol Poopol score from Minnele started automatically playing in my mind .

Albeit, I was in no mood to even look at the girl, I just could not resist looking at her for she was like an angel dressed in salwar kameez.

I even started contemplating of speaking Surya’s dialogue from Vaaranam Aayiram to her.

Really as Surya mentions in the movie I felt the pounding heartbeat, Illayaraja’s background score and the thunderbolt similar to the one mentioned in the God-father’s book.

For a moment I forgot that I am from a middle class Brahmin family and all the social stigma I am connected to.

As my emotions started to build up, the train approached the next station and the recorded voice announced “You are approaching Choa Chu Kang station”.

The train finally came to a halt and so did my dream.

I saw the girl getting up and pull a pram. To my shock it had her child in it and she got down in the station.

I just could not control my laughter though I could not shout and murmured to myself “Machaan Saachu puttaaga da”