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It was indeed not an overnight process

As I opened my Gmail inbox for the nth time in the day, I found an email from my cousin with whom I honestly don’t remember when I exchanged an email previously.

Anyways, I opened the email and read the substance. Apparently I understood from the email that my cousin was also contemplating a change of destination for good to Singapore like me and that she obviously wanted to know how I managed to come here so that she can try her luck too.

As I was pondering what and how to reply her, my thoughts went about one and half years back when my entire MISSION SINGAPORE started.

Opulentus, a visa consultant in Hyderabad, sent me a marketing e-newsletter in August 2010. In the e-newsletter it was mentioned that, I am an ideal candidate for getting a visa to countries like Australia, Singapore, UK, Canada and the US and requested me to contact them for more details.

I was obviously interested to gather more information either about Australia and/or about Singapore and then contemplate about applying. During my inquiry I observed that for Singapore they did mentioned about a visa called Landed Permanent ResidentVisa (LPR).

I had read about LPR before myself and it is a visa given to top 3% prospects by the Singapore Government whom they think they have good chance of getting employed in Singapore and most importantly can contribute to Singapore economy on a consistent basis.

Since, I was a scholarship student from University of Melbourne (an university esteemed very highly in Singapore) and obviously was looking for a suitable break-through after my Masters, I thought it was worth apply for the LPR visa for 3 reasons.

  1. I was keen on moving to Singapore for good for personal reason rather than Australia
  2. The cost of the LPR visa + Consultant charges + Miscellaneous expenses were within my budget
  3. Opulentus had some process and reputation in place to help me with my elementary paper work

To kick-start with the process I had to make a trip to Hyderabad and meet the concerned in Opulentus.

But unfortunately, within few weeks of the process initiation I had to undergo a surgery which  abruptly put a halt to my visa process. Worse, Opulentus messed my case by continuously changing the case officers.

It took about four full months for me to recover and get some kind of paper work ready for submission. To make the process complete I had to go to the Singapore embassy in Chennai and get the attestation done and also attend a small interview.

Finally, by January 2011, I submitted my LPR application, 6 months after kick-starting the process.

Wait…… the process did not end there.

Normally, processing the LPR application takes about 6 months time. For me it took about 7 months. But fortunately it got cleared as I understand only a select few are sanctioned this visa and also this scheme has now been suspended. Meaning, Singapore Government does not accept application from new applicants.

It was a fact that I totally forgot that I applied for this visa. It was August 25 2011, I received a message from my sister in Delhi. The message read “Good News. Contact Opulentus.”. I understood it was about my visa. So I called Opulentus at about 9.00pm the same day and got the confirmation. Thank God! (I Sighed)

After I thought about the entire MISSION SINGAPORE, I started responding to my cousin’s email.  “It was indeed not an overnight process.”